Moyee Impact Report


After four years of shouting, manifestoing and investing (big time), we thought it was time to publish our first Impact Report. This is a short walk through how we think, what we’ve achieved (and not achieved) and a glimpse at the fights we’ve fought over the past three years to make FairChain a reality. Because with a world-class roaster currently churning out beautiful Arabica beans in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, Moyee FairChain Coffee is very much for real. And we’re only getting started. In this Impact Report we share with you our thoughts, dilemmas and plans. Consider this an invitation to help us improve.


Our Impact Report is a collage of graphics, images and statistics both promising and disappointing. To make it easier to read –serious, who reads an Impact Report for fun? – we’ve even included a few personal snapshots of key players in the coffee trade.


Enjoy the read! Revolt! Drink Moyee FairChain coffee!

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